Vivir en Comunidad

Living in Community


Casa Adobe brings together people of very different nationalities, social backgrounds, gifts, emotions and hopes. We are joined by the dream of responding to God’s love through concrete expressions of neighborly love. Casa Adobe grants us space to grow in harmony with God, with the land, and with our fellow human-beings. Yes, there are many barriers to be overcome. Much perseverance and patience are required so everyone’s ideas, beliefs and personalities are respected. We’re on that path, praying that Jesus, the supreme reconciler, will open our minds and hearts and join us as adobes into one same construction.

Our vision

Casa Adobe seeks to be a community space in which diverse people come together and learn to share life as citizens of Sta Rosa, caring for creation, building just relations, and nurturing their faith in a God of love and justice.

We are like adobes

We are like adobes: made of mud, imperfect, strong only when the Master joins us, and in constant need of touch-ups. At the same time, together, we grow in the joyful hope that it is possible for our dreams—and yours—come true.


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Santa Rosa de Santo Domingo de Heredia. 150 metros al Sur de Supercompro. Casa Adobe

+506 2244-8965

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